Identity Workers Update

If you’ve been following along on my Facebook or Tumblr pages, you’ve probably already seen these updates, but here’s a collected update on all four 36″x48″ pieces in the Identity Workers catalog. These pictures are in the order that ¬†they were taken, which roughly reflects their chronological development. All pieces were done collaboratively between Matthew Gilboy and Mike Stidham.

In sum, we have 8 pieces, all between 80-99% complete, and will be working on another four for this segment of the #IdentityWorkers project, “Terraforming Faces.” This is the segment where we discuss what it means to make ourselves (the effects on us of mitigating race and disability specifically) acceptable to others.

This post has a lot of incremental changes since most of my other posts have been more about highlighting big changes. I hope you enjoy seeing how these pieces develop. Each piece also will have an individual gallery eventually, where you can review the individual timeline of each piece.

Collected Artworks of Matthew Gilboy